Choir Society Martinu of Třinec

Třinec Chamber Orchestra

Třinec Chamber Orchestra (TKO)

was founded in 1972 by Bronislaw Kalina. It’s members are mostly “Primary Art School” in Třinec graduates.

Currently it’s being led by Alena Kostková, “Janacek Academy” in Ostrava graduate, who also teaches playing on violin and flute at “Primary Art School” in Třinec. In the Orchestra, she’s also a violinist and flute soloist. In the past she was a conductor to “Štyvar’s Children Choir”. Thanks to her many talents, achievements and awards, Alena is recognised as an excellent artist both in Czechia and abroad.

TKO’s cooperation with The Choir Society Martinů (PSM) began as part of a joint concert at the traditional “Třinecké Hudební Jaro” festival. In August 2011, TKO and PSM did a joint concert tour across southern Bohemia (Nezdenice, Klatovy) and France (Paris). Tour’s highlight was a performance at the Paris Music Festival at the Louvre. Another joint performance worth mentioning is “Toscana Music Festival” 2015 held in Tuscany. Undoubtedly, the most successful and enjoyable project between TKO and PSM was the concert tour in 2015, when both ensembles performed multiple concerts in Ireland’s capital Dublin, i.e. in Christ Church Cathedral and St. Ann’s Church.


Air - Johann Sebastian Bach
Brook Green Suite - Gustav Holst
Concerto in Si bemolle maggiore - Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto grosso in d moll - Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto grosso V - Georg Friedrich Händel
Concerto grosso No. 8 - Arcangelo Corelli
Čtvero ročních dob (Podzim, Zima) - Antonio Vivaldi
Il Gardellino - Antonio Vivaldi
Koncert B dur - Georg Philipp Telemann
Koncert č. 2 D dur - Luigi Boccherini
Simple Symphony - Benjamin Britten
Sinfonia "Alla Rustica" - Antonio Vivaldi
Sinfonia in G - Jan Václav Stamic
Slow ragtime - Karel Hašler
Sonata IV - Christoph Willibald Gluck
St. Paul's Suite - Gustav Holst
Suita na téma písní z Povolží - Aleksander Klyucharev