Choir Society Martinu of Třinec

Daniela Slawińska

Daniela Slawińska (1979), conductress from 2001 until 2005,

graduated from “Primary Art School” in Orlová as a violinist and she continued her studies at “Ostrava Conservatory” under the leadership of prof. Boleslav Potyš. After her A-levels, she studied at “Ostrava University”, field of study choirmaster and music education for high schools. In 2004 Daniela successfully finished her studies and her graduation concert was accompanied by no other than The Choir Society Martinů.

Since 2008 she’s leading the “Polish church choir Jablunkov” with whom she has performed at many concerts in Czechia, Poland and Austria. Apart from that, Daniela teaches at “Primary Art School” in Jablunkov.